P.D.O.P. or Pahrump Disability Outreach Program is a small non-profit organization dedicated to the support of children with disabilities and their families. P.D.O.P. also concentrates on education of the community regarding disabilities.


P.D.O.P. was founded by two parents who have disabled children. It wasn’t long after their children were diagnosed with a disability that these two parents found out that there was no local support for them here in Pahrump. There were no groups for parents or family members. There was limited information in the community regarding the disabilities.


Both of these parents vowed to make a difference for their own families, and for all the other families living in Pahrump that have children with a disability.


They established P.D.O.P. and it has become so much already, and the hope and dream is for it to become so much more.


The slogan, “Reaching for the stars, and settling for nothing less” has become the center of this organization and it’s goals and dreams for those in the community.


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