Pahrump Disability Outreach Program has numerous projects going at any given time that require funding. All donations and all fundraising efforts go towards these causes and towards the special needs children in Pahrump. All of our staff are volunteers and accept no compensation for their countless hours dedicated to this organization. We believe in the cause that we are participating in and as a result refuse to receive compensation for those efforts. Donations provided support monthly social events for P.D.O.P., training opportunities for families and our community event P.D.O.P. Pumpkin Days! If you have any questions regarding your donations please contact us through this site so that we may answer those questions more specifically. We provide monthly social activities where special needs children and their families can come and interact with peers with similar limitations. This is a time where families/children who are routinely overwhelmed by routine social activities can participate and enjoy the benefits without the stress of such. We routinely help special needs children obtain specialized medical procedures that they may not be able to receive otherwise due to extreme costs. P.D.O.P. plans to work with the Town of Pahrump to ensure that there are disability accessible/useable swings to accommodate special needs children. ﷯ One of the swings we are looking at purchasing for the Town of Pahrump is pictured above. This swing is a full body swing designed for special needs children, from babies just beginning to sit up on their own to school-aged children weighing up to 120 pounds. The swing offers children with special needs the chance to experience the exhilaration of swinging. Designed to meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for playground equipment. ﷯ Additionally a swing for individuals in wheelchairs is needed to accommodate all those confined to wheelchairs. This swing is designed for adults or juveniles in portable and permanent models. In the true spirit of providing access for persons of all abilities we are hoping to be able to purchase this or a similar swing for the Town of Pahrump. These accessible swings have been specially designed to accommodate both adult and juvenile wheelchairs even motorized wheelchairs! Front and rear ramps allow easy access onto and off of platform so these individuals can have the same enjoyment as individuals without wheelchairs. Our long term goal is to partner with the Town of Pahrump and provide a complete playground accessible for people with disabilities. One of the models we have looked at is below. This playground is designed with the age group 5-12 in mind. The most prominent features are the wheel chair ramps that allow travel from landing zone to landing zone. This structure is fully wheel chair accessible! There are several activity panels among the landing zones, as well as on the ground level. Four types of slides make getting down from the landing zones fun! You will find a tube slide, right turn slide, spiral slide, and a double bed slide. A rock climber and upright snake climber provide other ways of reaching the landing zones for individuals not in wheelchairs. The landings are all shaded with a rounded hex shingle roof. This playground would allow children with physical limitations to enjoy the same fun of a playground that other children get to enjoy. ﷯ These are just a sampling of our goals for the community. We continue to come up with new ways to help on a regular basis. We are also very receptive to ideas from others so feel free to let us know what you would like to see our assistance with.


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